Canon G7X Compact System Camera

I don’t really want to turn this into a reviews site, but I will make the occasional post where I discuss any new kit that I may be using. That being said I am somewhat surprised to find that my most recent purchase has been a Canon G7X, compact system camera. I say surprised, because I have spent the first 5 months of 2015 trying to decide whether to upgrade my 1100D to a Full Frame Canon 6D, or 5D Mk 3, or jump ship altogether and purchase a Mirrorless system. For one reason or another (mainly cost!), I haven’t been able to make that decision and in meantime opted for the smaller G7X.

Why? Well the thought process is two-fold. I wanted something a little bit smaller than a DSLR to keep within grabbing distance should that impromptu photo opportunity arise. It was either this or the Sony RX100 M3, the G7X was considerably cheaper so it was an easy decision in the end. I am also considering making the odd behind the scenes video of some of my shoots to upload to youtube. The G7X is perfect for this with great low light video performance, although the auto-focus can be a little slow. I’ve practiced on a couple of family outings and I had some great fun editing in Windows Live Movie maker (those videos won’t see the light of day though), but on the back of that I am looking to upgrade the editing software to something like Powerdirector, or Sony Vegas so watch this space….

The still image quality is not too shabby either, not as good as the DSLR I don’t think, but I love that I can shoot raw and engage auto-bracketing for exactly same HDR workflow I employ now. The photo below was taken on a recent trip to Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory Canon G7X

Mount Grace Priory Canon G7X

On the negative side the camera is a little bit chunky still, and so I can’t really slip it int my jeans pocket and the lens cover looks a little bit flimsy, so not sure how long it will last if it gets mistreated. But I’ll burn that bridge when I come back it, or something….

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