Field of Golden Rapeseed

I realised at the weekend that it had been over a month since I last went out with my DSLR to take a meaningful landscape photograph. I have been making excuses lately; my mojo seems to have been misplaced, mostly due to a combination of the weather and a lack of inspiration. I have a few locations locally which I have been to repeatedly over the last year and I’m starting to feel as though I need new ideas – somewhere relatively close to home and easy to access after a day at the office. Just lately though I have noticed an awful lot of the beautifully golden yellow Rapeseed Fields all over the place, so after checking the weather forecast I decided to head out to Sedgefield to see if I could get any decent images.

Travelling up the A171 from Stockton, the tricky part was finding somewhere to park the car and I finally decided that my best bet would be to park at the service station at the entrance to Sedgefield itself then take a walk along the A689. I had a vague notion that there were wind turbines and Rapeseed fields in that general direction. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon a public footpath which took me up past a farmhouse (can’t recall the name of the farm!) and through the very heart of a rapeseed field with the sun setting behind me. I could hardly believe my luck as I set up to the shot below.

Sedgefield Sunset

Sedgefield Sunset

As usual I fired of 3 sets of auto-bracketed images and noticed immediately that the image was spoiled by lens flare. Now I don’t mind a bit of flare but this was just far too OTT. So I took another set of three images, this time with my hand carefully blocking out the sun. This took out the majority of the flare and after that it was merely a case of combining the different images in photoshop to come up with this one. Tricky but well worth the effort I think.

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