The Flying Scotsman on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

In March 2016 the Legendary Locomotive the Flying Scotsman returned to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for the first since I don’t know when. Locally the publicity was through the roof and people were clamouring to get a view of from the moment it embarked on its journey from York to Whitby. I’m not what you might call a trainspotter and initially I’ll admit that I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about, but as the media attention on TV and on Radio converged with a Sunday of fine sunshine I thought I would brave the crowds and take the family to Grosmont Station to witness a piece of history for themselves.

The Flying Scotsman

The crowds made it very difficult to set up a decent composition from any vantage point within the station itself. Most of the shots were blighted by hands, heads and iPads all vying to get a better view, and the safety conscious platform staff were constantly telling us to step back from the edge (rightly so!). After an hour’s wait the Locomotive finally arrived in the station Tender-first (ie backward!), so no chance of an iconic shot there. But within 20 minutes or so it was decoupled and heading out the way it had arrived before preparing to reverse back in re-attach itself to the patiently waiting cars. It quickly became apparent that a standard wide angle shot with a deep depth of field was out of the question. So as the tender was being hooked up to the cars I scooted around the front and grabbed what can only be described as a portrait. I have to say I should have set the aperture a little wider, but I was in such a hurry I forgot, so I had to blur the background in photoshop more than the image looked straight out of camera. Overall I like the look and its proven popular on Facebook and Twitter, well worth a post here I think.

Overall it was a great trip out and I found myself driving round places I rarely visit. Some great views to be had, although Grosmont is a little hilly! The kids enjoyed seeing the Flying Scotsman too; at least that’s what I told them! Hope you like and feel free to share this post if you like my work.

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