Roseberry Gold


A Fine Art Photograph of Roseberry Topping taken before Sunset on Hazy November afternoon.



Roseberry Topping Sunset
Roseberry Topping on a golden Autumnal Evening.
This is not your typical image of Roseberry Topping. Truth told this may the image that ignited the in me the thrill of landscape photography. I remember well this Saturday Afternoon in November. The weather had been miserable all day and up until about 2pm it seemed unlikely that I would be getting outside with the camera. But then something magical happened. The rain stopped, the sky began to clear and the sun made a tempting appearance. I was quick to take advantage and jumped into the car to make the (relatively) short trip to Great Ayton. I walked up the track past Aireyholme Farm, where non other than Captain James Cook, legendary explorer and discoverer of Australia, lived and worked as a boy. The atmosphere was damp as mist lifted off the fields under the relative warmth of the newly emerged sun and as I reached my vantage point somewhere up the side of ‘Little Roseberry’ is was clear that I was viewing something special; something I hoped I would be able to capture on my camera’s image sensor.

This image has proven to be one of my most enduring, dramatic and popular. It even made it on the cover of my 2017 Calendar and continues to sell well at Craft Fairs, where people haven been known to comment how it looks more like a scene from Lord Of The Rings, and the fires of Mordor, than it does Roseberry Topping

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Weight 3.1 kg

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9" x 6", 12" x 8", 15" x 10", 18" x 12"

Technical Stuff

Prints: We use Permajet FB Gold Silk 315gsm to provide a sumptuous silk/satin finish on a fine art heavyweight base. The paper has been developed with a natural, warm base tint to emulate the surface finish, texture and coating of the old Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk which recently ceased production, making it the perfect choice as its replacement.

Mount: We use only the finest quality acid-free materials to produce our custom picture mounts.


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