Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Park

This weekend came as a pleasant surprise. The sun was shining and on Sunday it truly felt as though spring had finally sprung (although fast forward two days and we have five centimetres of hailstone in the north of England – but that’s getting away from the point). Having spent the morning visiting my cousin Continue reading

Hartlepool’s Steetley Pier Long Exposure

This one was taken on a very chilly January Morning. Its a strange location this one, and not one I can say I was overly familiar with before resolving to get out of bed in the still hours of the night and head out on the off chance of getting a decent snap. The Pier Continue reading

Staithes at Dusk

Staithes is a tiny fishing village located on a rugged stretch of coast just south of Saltburn by The Sea. There really isn’t much to the place and you would be hard pressed to keep the kids entertained if you wanted to spend a day there. However it is one of the most picturesque locations Continue reading

Lake Seprentine - Hardwick Park

Reflections in Serpentine Lake

There seems to be some debate about the effectiveness of a polarising filter when it comes to boosting relfections on the surface of water. While there is know doubt that the these filters are great at reducing glare and reflections to reveal the detail underneath water, or to remove reflections in glass, do they really Continue reading