Vertical Pier Redcar.jpg

The Redcar Vertical Pier

Call me old fashioned but I like my horizontal Piers, me. Nevertheless that didn’t stop Redcar Council from shelling out £1.6m on a Helter Skelter styled tower (known as the Redcar Beacon, or the Vertical Pier) which, once climbed affords 360 degrees of the Redcar Coastline. Now, I am a little embarassed to admit that I have not actually been up to the top, which seems like a dreadful oversight to me, especially if the views are as good as they claim. Who can’t fail to be impressed by 360 degree views of the windfarm, steelworks and the Redcar Strip? Well – many people as it happens. The structure has proven controversial, and not universally popular, with many folk thinking as I do that a good old traditional Victorian style pier stetching out to Sea, like the one in neighbouring Saltburn would be far more acceptable, and perhaps a little more practical (if you are a fisherman at least).

Vertical Pier Redcar.jpg

Vertical Pier Redcar

The evening I took this photograph was pleasant enough. I was looking for somewhere to go and I noticed on that the position of the Sun as it set in Redcar would help to make a great shot. I was not disappointed when I arrived. The storm wall provides a natural leading line and I set my camera with sun positioned in between the Beacon and the Windfarm. This was about the third shot I took, but I hung around for a least an hour afterwards hoping that the beacon itself would light up sufficiently brightly in the twilight. However it being midsummer time was against me and I had to head before it was dark enough to make the shot. Still I was more than happy with this one, which incidentally was taken on my Shiny new Canon 6D with the 16-35mm lens.

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