The Transporter Bridge – Middlesbrough

It hasn’t escaped my notice that the first two photographs I choose to post on this blog are both bridges. Don’t be fooled, I don’t have a bridge fetish or anything. The thing is, I live and work in Teesside, an area famed for its industrial heritage, built on the iron and steel mined from the ore found in the Eston hills. The Transporter Bridge is now over 100 years old and is one of only two such bridges in the country (the other is in Newport, I believe). This impressive structure can be seen from all over Middlesbrough, majestically spanning the North and South banks of the river tees; a giant gondola ferrying passengers from Middlesbrough to Port Clarence. Its a true Boro Icon and I couldn’t call myself a landscape photographer (aspiring or otherwise) if I didn’t have at least one shot in my portfolio. So here it, taken late September 2013, with the sun sinking slowly into the west and only a swarm of hungry midges for company.

This image is licensed under a Creative Commons, which mean you have my permission to use this for non-profit making endeavours. All that I ask is that you credit me as the photographer and where appropriate provide a link back to this website.
Thanks Stephen Tierney – 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Transporter Bridge – Middlesbrough

  1. Hi, I am a member of the local Teesside branch of the Nation Osteoporosis Society and I have been requested to source a local landmark image to upload onto our local news page on the N.O.S. website.
    I very much like your image of the transporter bridge with the sun shining through and feel this would work well on our site.
    May I have your permission to use your image and is there any restrictions on its use I need to be aware of.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Lynn, Thankyou for your interest in the Transporter Bridge Photograph. All images in this gallery are currently available under a creative commons license, free of charge, so long as they are not used for profit (ie reselling, or reprinting for sale). All I ask is that you credit me as the photographer with a link back to this website ( should you decide to use it.

      The image can be downloaded in various sizes here – just click the download button on the bottom right

      Kind Regards

      • Many Thanks Stephen,
        I will pass the image onto the area coordinator for her approval. I feel the light shining through is very symbolic for the light at the end of the road of recovery.
        King regards

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